Furni x RbW Digital Watches

furni rbwfurni timeami-3d

Good design always has a great concept, and this trio of watches has an interesting one. Using the anaglyph colours of red, cyan and black, Furni and Raised by Wolves have co-created a themed 80’s styled digital watch collection that pays homage to 3D technology. The watches were launched as a limited edition set, with the first fifty being bundled with a You, Me and 3D – Workspaces in Different Places book, featuring a collection of hotshot designer/artist created stereoscopic images, and a pair of genuine 3D glasses to enjoy the book to maximum and trippy effect. Unbelievably priced at $20.00, the watches are not created as some inaccessible and flighty art project, rather this price point means that we all can gain access to this boutique design project.


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