Coke Spoon #1 and #2


These are everyday objects. We have all undoubtedly used them at some point, and the experience was banal enough that we probably left it at that. In this work, the designers have shown us a journey, a trip that exposes how the objects all around us have other lives and transformations. These simple things, have been repurposed in a most unusual way, and have done this transformation twice (that we know of).

The first shift was from their original intention of a pen cap and coffee stirrer. They went along the path of invention, eventually ending up as club and drug paraphernalia. A destination arrived at by complete design accident. Both objects had the right size and surface for a proper hit of cocaine, and became understood in a new way, by new users. This was an unintended purpose and evolution from the common to extraordinary that the original design had not embraced. A new culture had created a new need and was adapting existing tools to fit it. In the example of McDonald’s spoon, the “original plastic coffee stirrer was taken out of production when the fast food conglomerate discovered it was being used for drug purposes in the 1980’s. McDonald’s became uncomfortable with the affiliation when the coffee stirrers were constantly being used as Exhibit A’s in drug cases”.

The second shift, formally, of these objects was to become fetish and their original functions and interpretations removed completely, like Coke Spoon #1, which cannot even fit back onto the Bic pen. These new objects speak to indulgent luxury gone astray, golden objects of excess and whose purpose is shallow and bottomless.

Coke Spoon #1 and #2 serve a deep service for us, marking how humans are still capable of invention, and as registers of the journey that common objects embrace as they drift through our cultures. We are given the pleasure of the revealing, and the seeing of the hidden or magical lives that objects often possess. This work is all about the human imagination.


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