Canada Flag Hoop Earrings


I found this style of jewelry when rolling through the Muskoday First Nation territory earlier this past summer. The local designer used standard craft shop pieces, built in found souvenir parts (I saw some with unsold key chains, small fishing lures and Bic lighter parts) and used traditional native styles to articulate the products final form (Hoops with white glue added for highlights). Most of the female residents I saw were wearing these (in all variations) and i thought that it may be a small trend in the making.

Pride in country? Maybe. Homely and under designed? Perhaps. But for the population that is making them they have real and genuine pull. These designs are unapologetic if their products are accepted in the big city or in the design world. These were tough to include in the CDR but i think that the design thinking, low-fi production methods and product narrative is worth a mention.

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