Bel Canto – A Homage to Maria Callas Necklace

Photo by Thierry Van Dort

“This design is inspired by the sheer experience of Opera. Opera can be playful, prayerful, haunting, and incredibly versatile. One seems to move through a range of emotions. This is the way I interpret its music in my design – by the emotion it stirs. I have attempted to recreate melody, the high and low notes sung by legendary Soprano Maria Callas.” added Reena, expressing the inspiration behind her work.

“Through this piece I want to create a feeling of being suspended in space, surrounded by music. This piece is made in 18K , 510 grams of white gold and set with 101.0 carats of white diamonds clustered together to give a dazzling effect. It also has Red Enamel work, another element I strongly associate with Opera.”

HRD Awards is a biennial International contemporary diamond jewellery contest. It was first organized in 1984 and since then is offering a forum for talented jewellery designers and wants to stimulate the creativity of the contemporary diamond jewel. The competition aims at extending the limits of the modern diamond jewel, avant-garde ideas and exclusive creations.

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