CBE Neon Classic Hoody


This is one of those products that I think must have been very brave to produce. Does the world need another hoodie? They are everywhere, from generics like the GAP and American Apparel, and every street brand offers a version. But this is exactly why the latest hoodies from CBE are such a hit. In an ocean of hoodies, designer Elly Green has created the perfect one. CBE differs by being handmade in Toronto (low run), with an independent colour range, the best ingredients (heavy duty zippers and pulls, serious stitching, and thick fabric), solid tailoring and cut (with Canadian details like a higher collar and low waist to reduce drafts), with a fit that is great for an afternoon on the couch, or an evening out and more.

It is rare to be around when a fashion item is launching and has the right stuff, like when the first Red Tags or Chuck Taylors hit the market, but this is one. Toronto get into your own stuff, get a CBE Hoody (or bunny hug if you are from the prairies) and lets get this movement started.


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