Garments for Forced Intimacy


Knitting is such a rich medium, able to be folksy (my grandmothers knitted scarves), linked to national identity (the toque), to a serious story teller (like Cowichan sweaters).  Few mediums can cross, blend and mix so much content so easily.

Pushing the craft of knitting beyond its traditional expectations, Vanderkooij builds on the narrative of the toque and mittens, and takes us to a wonderful world where objects support our needs for intimacy. In this series we see how craft objects are genuine carriers of “softness and humanity”, a high touch and emotional quality that a digital device could never achieve.

Show are the Balaclava For Kissing, Balaclava For Looking In The Same Direction, Balaclava For Gazing Into Each Other’s Eyes and Glove for Holding Hands.

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