Don Cherry Wardrobe


“You told me to wear pink! This tie is lavender!” Don Cherry, the most daring dresser in Canadian television, probably, let alone in hockey, wore pink…in support of a cure for breast cancer. Cherry, the hockey commentator whose fractious half-time show, Coach’s Corner, is a strange Canadian institution, is here complaining to his ironic sidekick Ron MacLean that the NHL’s designated breast cancer tie is lavender, not pink, and that it doesn’t really match the properly pink ensemble he’d asked his tailor make for the occasion. Cherry, whose views on most topics can hardly be considered progressive (that’s an understatement), has at least never been worried about conforming to the rules of masculinity, or to anything else for that matter. How often do tough guys mix stiff Edwardian collars with hot pink carnations? Or daisies, or chrysanthemums, or… all the other flowers. I’m not a hockey fan, or a loudmouth fan, but Don Cherry’s sartorial experimentalism is the utmost. His longtime tailor, Frank Cosco, died last year, and his son is now having to deal with Cherry’s finicky requests.

Via the excellent Ouno Design blog!

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