Cargo Cosmetics


This is such a perfect example of how a successful brand creates a universe around their products, which helps to tell the story of the products but also creates additional avenues for people to appreciate the work.

So, lets peel back some of these layers of the Cargo brand. It starts with the basic idea of simplicity, and that woman are naturally beautiful, so the make up enhances, in a sheer way, rather than alters or masks. Next the products are delivered in creative and innovative packaging, which has received multiple awards for sustainability, packaging design and product innovation (Packaging Association of Canada National Packaging Awards – Environmental Recognition Award, IDEA Packaging and Graphics Award, Dupont Award and the Red Dot Award). An example is the line of lipstick, which are quite innovative. They feature a revolutionary compostable case made from corn. This bio-plastic is not only made from a renewable resource, it is also greenhouse-gas-neutral, which helps fight global warming. The lipstick comes in an eco-friendly box, when moistened can be planted and will sprout your own wildflowers. Additionally, proceeds go to Cargo’s charity of choice, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the world’s premier pediatric cancer research center. These enviable attributes have also been attracting considerable celebrity endorsement, like Lindsay Lohan and Courteney Cox, who claim to actually use the products.

Cargo is redefining their product category, a tough one, given its obvious superficiality. They have generated significant, and measurable content via genuine innovation and this great design is being rewarded on the marketplace.


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