Blundstone #494: The Eh! Boot

To celebrate 10 years of Blundstone in Canada, we proudly offer you the Eh! boot. Built on the fantastic new Chunk Sole sole with the distinct kick toe styling, this limited offering allows you to celebrate being Canadian while at the same time allowing your feet to celebrate comfort. On their own or in conjunction with the Canadian flag on your knapsack – the Eh! boot is a great way to let the world know where you’re from. – Via

The sentiment might be a bit kitschy (I never wanted to be the Canuck with the flag on her backpack), but when I saw these on a friend I was struck by the playful homage to our cultural heritage: a subdued flag on the side of the boot, with a small, almost hidden “EH!” on the rear tag. A limited edition celebrating the company’s presence (and seeming success) in our country. Nice.


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