Designer  Todd Falkowsky

VIA Souvenir Shirt
Canadian Colour Palette Postage Collection Proposal
Lace Pendant Lamp
‘Something Beautiful’ 45 Record Adaptor
Doily Pendant Light
LOI Stool (Edition 5)
Door Wedge
Object(ing) Exhibit Catalogue
PennySmash Vancouver Launch
This Year’s Colour Project 2011
OMA Award
Something Nice
Plural Table
Antler Coat Racks (Edition 12)
Odometer Button
This Year’s Colour Project 2010 – Toronto, Ontario
Motherbrand 1″ Button Set
“I Love My Parents” T-shirt (Edition of 10)
Rues “Have a nice day” Skateboard
Toboggan Coffee Table
“I Want to Make Something Beautiful” (Part 1 and 2) Campaign
Prairie Bench
“Remember” Children’s T-Shirts
Passport Stamps (Canada and USA)
The Now House Project – Toronto, Ontario
Rues “Hand Made” Series Skateboard Wheels
Small Town Quilt
PennySmash Toronto Online
Break Up Card
National Colour Palette
Something Nice Campaign
Camo (Edition of 25 Silkscreened Prints)
White Guys Illustration (Edition of 25 Silkscreened Prints)
Canadian Souvenir Table Cloth
Halftone Acme Pen
Artbox Series One Lamp
Prairie Bench
The CANADIAN DESIGN RESOURCE Launch – Toronto, Ontario