Designer  Tobias Wong

Warhol Gift Wrap
Comme des Garcons Bottle (with diamonds)
Glass Chair No. 1 and Glass Chair No. 2
Alma Fortune Cups
Rubber Dipped Chandelier
Tobias Wong Business Card
Aalto Doorstop
Hidden Diamond Ring
This is a Lamp
Bulletproof Quilted Duvet
Coke Spoon #1 Pendant
The Impostor Lecture – New York, New York
Coke Spoon #1 and #2
Pentagon Sofa
“Another Notion Of Possibility” Boxcutter
Citizen:citizen iPhone
Gold Pills
Killer Ring
Unauthorised Burberry Buttons
Ballistic Rose
Pearl Earrings
Mink Lighters
Money Pad
Pocketbook Memento Matchbook
Smoking Mittens
Handgun Karim Rashid