Designer  Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes Bordo Bello Project Skateboard
Marian Bantjes Valentines Day Card
Fortune Money Alphabet
Maharam “Centric” NikeID Shoes
Wallpaper Magazine Cover
Holiday Wrapping Paper
Temporary Tattoo
National Orpheum Poster
Birds Wallpaper
Marian Bantjes Valentine Card
Spacemen Wallpaper
GQ Anniversary Cover
Maharam Centric Fabric
Creative Review
“Read Before You Eat” Table
Sons and Lovers Cover
20 x 200 Project Posters
Wallpaper Laser Sailboat
Creative Review Monograph “Love Stories”
Influence Map
I Wonder Book
Walrus December Cover
Spam One Illustration
GDC/BC Speaker Series Poster
Snowflakes for Saks Fifth Avenue
“Empathy” PennySmash
Strathmore Paper Packaging
Social Change Posters (Version 1 and 2)
All Purpose Jeans
Restraint Font
I Want It All Type
Make Time for Design Clock
GDC/BC Annual Report
Creatives Care T-Shirt
Graphex 2006 Catalog
Kunsthaus Bregenz Billboards