Designer  Douglas Coupland

Eglinton Subway Integrated Art
Tsunami Chest
Corbusier Target 10
Bullseye Coffee Tables
‘The Most Boring Thing on Earth’
War Boy
Just Like Ali McGraw
Oval Mirror No. 1
“Deep Face” Series
‘You’ll Never Know What We Really Look Like’ MOCCA Benefit Print
Slogans for the 21st Century Postcard Book
The Paint Box Escritoire
Luggage Barcode Sunset No.4 Scarf
Douglas Coupland’s Prints on Poly-cotton
Bullseye Coffee Tables
‘You’ll Never Know What We Really Look Like’ MOCCA Benefit Edition Prints
Roots x Douglas Coupland Wallet
Douglas Coupland Antler Chair
Douglas Coupland’s “Golden Tree”
Douglas Coupland Nipigon Cabinet
Snorrt! by Douglas Coupland
“Interpretation of Calgary, Alberta in the 21st Century,” Installation
Twelve Slogans for the Early Twenty-First Century
Roots and Douglas Coupland Packable Shopping Bag
Group Portrait 1957 – Oshawa, Ontario
Vancouver Codes
Permanent Press Landscape
G72K10 Paintings
Roots Test Pattern T-Shirt Dress
Douglas Coupland 100th Anniversary and Award Jackets
Electric Table
Roots TV Pattern Arm Warmers & Scarf
Motherboard & Crystalboard Skateboards
Digital Orca – Vancouver, British Columbia
Roots x Douglas Coupland Clothing Line
Talking Sticks
Big Bang Clock Tower
The Monument to the War of 1812 – Toronto, Ontario
Mom and Dad Series (Marilyns)