Year  2020

‘Keep the conversation going’ Raptors Jerseys
SpiderTech Masks
Kanuk Kiruna Jacket
Apple Skin Lounge Chair
Zero-waste Bandeau Top
Tulip Hat
Pierrot Jacket
Harvest Moon Bag
Unapologetically Bold Dining Table
Red Tulip Vase
Milestone Sneakers
Ceramic Casserole Dish
Floor Crate
Boxy Top w Dots
Whale Rocker
Meri Jumpsuit
Dirt Squirrel Sweatshirt
The Wonderful Cat Series
Defund the Police Poster
Defund the Police Poster
Butter Trudeau
Bonavista Gold Stamp Honey
Trump: Virtual Reality
Pop-Up Winnipeg Public Toilet
“Fordite: Neominerology in the Anthropocene” Collection
Pick Up Gloves Poster
“Surviving COVID-19” Collection
The ADCC Design Netherlands Poster
Maclean’s July 2020 Cover
Dillon’s Antiseptic
Defund the Police Posters
Trinity Bellwoods Social Spacing Circle
LeCorbo Road Bicycle
Lookout Small Bag
Mono Sonic
Hanky Panky
The Field Guide to Possible Futures
Unico Reband Packaging
Hooked Fish Food