Year  2020

Team Canada Tokyo 2020 Collection
Organic Shapes Planter
Conservative Party Logo
Île Table Lamp
Ruch ‘Icon’ Album Art
7 West Pizza Boxes
Abbott Stool
Macdonald’s Head Stamps
Dust Pan and Brush
Transat Chair
Children Poster
Long Time Chair
Connect Nightstand
Diamond Shaped Coin
Canada Goose 2020 BRANTA Collection
Tilley + Canada Goose Hat
Toronto Post Cards
Ash Wood Stool
Children’s Bookcase
Tufted Stool
Atelier Make Hanging Pots
Policing in Trump’s America Political Cartoon
Grace Incense Holder
The Stnley Sneaker Boot
Sports Friday
48North Identity + Branding
Timbits Cereal
Haida Emojis
PPE Mask
Blackberry Key One Mobile Phone
Laurence Dress
Gold Petal Earrings
Bone Trainers
Outclass Heather Terry Crew Neck
Taluq Design Slippers with Rabbit Fur Trim
Kids Pink Seal Skin Mittens
Maiku Brando Face Mask
Scarf Down
Linen High Rise Pants