Year  2020

Dillon’s Antiseptic
Defund the Police Posters
Trinity Bellwoods Social Spacing Circle
LeCorbo Road Bicycle
Lookout Small Bag
Mono Sonic
Hanky Panky
The Field Guide to Possible Futures
Unico Reband Packaging
Hooked Fish Food
A Cookbook For Lonely People
Who Pays for Canada?
I Become a Delight
Soda Fired Tumblers
‘Look everybody’ Political Cartoon
Stripped Vase Series
Introverted Tote Bag
Grau Series Bowl
TH-38 Coffee Mug
Wood Bowl
Floral Pendant
Glass Vessel
Square Glass Bowl
Partridge Balancing a Pear
Scandi Vase
PAL Chair
Diametric Jug
Sabine – Spotted Earrings
Covid-19 Political Cartoon
Trump as Covid 19 Virus
Conservative Meme
Colour Band Mugs
PTBO Arts Collective Logo
Nova Scotia Strong Donut
Indigenizing COVID-19 face masks
All Weather Denim Jeans
‘Two Peas in a Pod’ Political Cartoon
Dust of Gods Collection
Drip Print Wallpaper