Year  2018

No Name Viagra
No Name Site
Cocotte Hip Pouch
Chief Ladybird Drum Skin
Design Canada Doc Poster
Matt & Natt Briefcase
OVO Track Suit
Montreal Street Art
Candle Holders
A2B Communter Jacket
The Heirloom Stack collection
Side Table
Sumi Ink Cabinet
Multiple Stoneware Vases
Hi Thanks Bye Steel Furniture Collection
Ompax Single Speed (original from 1984)
Elizabeth and James Oliver Sweater
The Daniels Building – Toronto ON
Carl&Rose Striped Planter
Veeka Gino 1948 Cycling Gloves
Wolfe ID Identity
6 Axis C-15 Cobot
Foodie Notebooks
The Casgrain bag
Monnet Design Holiday Card
Arc’teryx Womens Ceres SV Parka
Toronto Handgun Ban Cartoon
Custom OVO ‘North Side Edition’ Monopoly Board Game
Steam Whistle Brewing Packaging and Identity
The Penis (Doug Ford) Political Cartoon
Be Nice To Plants
Yellow Woman
Andrew Scheer Political Cartoon
Noether Tote
Portrait of M Banners
Expo 67 Chair (reissue)