Year  2018

Trump Hair
Falardeau Bicycles Wordmark
Smart Car Winter Hack
North Shore Billet Mountain Bike Chainrings
Flower Pots
Mobilia Shelving
Bicycle Leather U-Lock Holster
Been a Slice Beer
TIF Co X-Table
Grand Pic Chalet
Matt’s Road Bike
Grizzlies Pop Up + Remix
Vintage Modified Race Car
Canada Goose Cold Room
Cross Laminated Table
Hubert Lenoir – Darlène Poster
Moon Side Table
Basement Review Poster
Urban Cycling Shoes
Tencel Ana Pantsuit
Bespoke Luggage
ARTSPACE Catalogues
Fort Heavy Business Card
Don’t Become the Thing Mugs
Warm Up Sweatshirt
Gord Downie Cartoon
Trident Bicycle Handlebar Wrap
Colourful Horizon Utility Box – Toronto
‘This one brings me the most pride’
Mackenzie Briefcase
DIY Push Car
Pied du Courant
Guava X June Surfboards
Danese Stak Table Set
Dan Woodhands Portrait
Urban Stream
Croc Remixed