Year  2017

ROAMr 108 Skis
Candle Holder
Dawn Linear Light
Tasses à café
Wordmark for the 2017 Atypi
Lettering for Atypi
Water Based Light
OK Snowcial
Northern Dene Moccasins
ESPRO Press P7
Candle Holders
Hand-blown Celestial Lighting Collection
Red Stripe Illustrations
‘Be Olympic’ brand platform
Crumb Identity
Strand Magazine Table
Span Lamp
Both World Vase
Jennifer Torosian Fall Winter 2017
MoBa Bb Clarinet
Seth Cosmo Knife
The Chemical Life Cover
Tweed Wool Blanket
Eagle Bowl
INKAS Eco Iveco Daily 6
Brodie Remo Bike
Basoli Side Table
Glass Half Full Garage Door
Forged Iron Hooks
Mural of Leonard Cohen – Montreal
Kelly’s Kustom Pinstriping
Goodbye to Gord Downie
We All Love the Beautiful Girls
“Gord Downie” Stained Glass Panel
Tropical Wallpaper
Canada 150 Celebration
Hanukkah Stamp
6063 Stool
CUB Chair
Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend