Year  2017

Canada Flag Stained Glass Window
Volvo Cyclist Detection
Ted Leo Buzzing Amp
Canada Post Formula 1
Nika Coat Hooks
Custom 50s CCM Bike
ST-002W Counter Stool
Water Bulb
Dekerf Road Bike
Kolor Desk Era
“The Sun is Setting on the British Empire”
Flur Vases
Chopping Board
Montréal-Brooklyn Identity
Alertlabs Smarter Water Sensor
Tokyo Smoke + Partisans Crater Pipe
Orchestre Symphonique de Quebec Identity
Beer Can Iceberg
Marked Plate/Charger
Halloween Icons
The Elements Series Wine Packaging
Pedal Belt Pedal Straps
Dendrites – Bonaventure Project Montréal
Baby Blocks
sKan – Handheld Skin Cancer Detector
The Scream Skateboard Series
Phenom Snowshoes
TTC Memorial Day Streetcars
Bike Seat Sculptures
Raptors OVO Court
Raptors OVO Uniforms
Totem Stacking Mugs and Bowls
Hexagonal Vase
Memphis Credenza
Astrid Sofa
ILA – Karen Mordechai’s Cooking Ingredients
Perplex Bench