Year  2017

Hexagonal Dinner Plate
Contour Credenza
The Coquihallab Shoes
QQCHOSE Identity
Multi-National Conglomerates Hostile Take Over of the New World Order
Pinstriped Gas Can
Places Rug
Kant Table
Charred Cedar Bench
Multicolour Silk Scarf
Reconfigurable Shelf
90s Handkerchief
Pivot Table
Perplexe Table
Stripes Sofa
Everything Table
Brass Rail Shelving
Matchsticks Tea Towel
Tesla Desk Lamp
Anderson Craft Ales
Wings+Horns x Porter Travel Pack
Gus Modern x Pendleton Lounge Chairs
Viberg x Uncrate Hiker Boot
Daymak C5 Blast Go-Kart
Sky House – Ontario
AviTECH Shovel
ROAMr 108 Skis
Candle Holder
Dawn Linear Light
Tasses à café
Wordmark for the 2017 Atypi
Lettering for Atypi
Water Based Light
OK Snowcial
Northern Dene Moccasins
ESPRO Press P7
Candle Holders
Hand-blown Celestial Lighting Collection
Red Stripe Illustrations