Year  2017

Manitobah Rosa Scribe Mukluks
SK Premier’s Awards of Excellence in Design
Cut Off (Lynn Beyak) Poster
Muji Canada Tote Bag
Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon T-shirts
Demo Hornet 150th anniversary
Twinflower, Sweetheart, and Tip Toe Puppy Tables
Books Not Bombs Tote
Balance Box | Umbra Shift
DesignThinkers 2017 Identity
Naked Bicycles CAN150 Bike
The Battle of Dieppe $20 Coin
Everything Now Album Art
V-Grind Golf Wedge
Canadian Red Cross Identity
Rogue Telecaster Guitar
Pillowcase / Laundry bag “CUSHY CUDDLE”
Catch my Drip Umbrella Stand
Méduse Lighting
Tim Hortons EHmoji Keyboard
Jacket : Denim
Bamboo Wood Sunglasses
Give-A-Care Collection
Community Fdns Canada 25 Logo
Break~Wave Seating
Chatelaine Chat Emojis
3D Printed ABS Waste Paper Basket
Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity turns ads into art.
NOCE Club Chair
Marvellous Magenta Scarf
18 Shades of Gay Montréal
A Canadian Bestiary
Blue Matte Vessel
Bocci 84
Phase Tables
Pipeline T40 + F125
Gilded Softseating
6063 Stool
The CN Tower Reimagined as Residence