Year  2016

Ambrosia Accent Table
Sticks and Stones Stool
Reigning Champ Sideline Long Jacket
Umbra Shift Truss Bottle Opener
Kona Rove Ti Bicycle
Tsa tsa ke k’e (Iron Foot Place) Mosaic – Edmonton AB
SPEEDO Women’s Team Canada Training Suit
Aloha Shirt Tattoo
Stampeders Outlaw Helmets
Wigford Rememberies Cover
Personal Essays of the past 12 Months
Atlantic Salmon Tattoo
Arc Earrings
Brave Shores Brave Shores Album Art
PAL Multi-directional Lamp
Classic North Aware Parka
The Anglekeeper Cover Art
Suspended Chair
SUO Bench
Cloister House – Vancouver, BC
Globe and Mail Cover Nov 2016
Low Stool
Middlebrook Prize for Young CDN Curator Award
Lytton Table
Netheravon Chair
Overcast Light
Allumette Light
Honest Ed’s Souvenir T-shirts
Go North
Bent Half Moon
Prosthetic Technologies of Being
RBMA 2016
Campari Toronto Offices
Rbutus + Pwll
Stonz Kids Rain Bootz
Ohm Pendant Light
MoCA Branding
DROR’s Dome for Montreal Expo
ACME Inspired Love Kolor Fountain Pen