Year  2016

Arcade Fire Logo
Feist “Mushaboom” Music-box
Canada Goose x Wings and Horns Decade Jacket
Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka
Opening Ceremony x Canada Goose Capsule Collection
Sportes Ulu-002 Cutting Tool
Adèle Wine Rack
Kif Kif Cannabis Packaging
The Lord of the Rings Covers
Jose Bautista + Canada Goose Jacket (Ltd edition of 190)
William Grey Hotel Identity
Avanaa Chocolate Packaging
FiGO Rear Support Pet Wheelchair
Butter Dish
Bilodeau Seal Skin Booties
Multicolour Beaver Skins
Bilodeau Beaver Boots
Pastel Colours Small Pot
Hand Dyed Shibori Cushions
Indigo Marbled Vase
Rockwell Bassinet
Venturi Table Lamp
WhiteLung Paradise Album Art
ChopValue Tiles
Wares & Meaning Collection
Evergreen Brickworks Wayfinding
Deloitte Montreal Wayfinding
Against the Grain Theatre Identity
VejaskS17 Interlocking Calf Leather Tote
Believe in® Canada/UK Business Cards
Actionable Brand Identity and Communications
3rd International Digital Art Biennial Programme
Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec Annual
Whistler Blackcomb — Opening Day
Meraki Packaging and Identity
Kayleigh Peddie Evan Bra
“Give-a-Care” Rethink Breast Cancer
Lil’ Robot Friends Packaging Pattern
Tanya Tagaq Retribution Album Art
Canada’s Festive Trains