Year  2016

Brave Shores Brave Shores Album Art
PAL Multi-directional Lamp
Classic North Aware Parka
The Anglekeeper Cover Art
Suspended Chair
SUO Bench
Cloister House – Vancouver, BC
Globe and Mail Cover Nov 2016
Low Stool
Middlebrook Prize for Young CDN Curator Award
Lytton Table
Netheravon Chair
Overcast Light
Allumette Light
Honest Ed’s Souvenir T-shirts
Go North
Bent Half Moon
Prosthetic Technologies of Being
RBMA 2016
Campari Toronto Offices
Rbutus + Pwll
Stonz Kids Rain Bootz
Ohm Pendant Light
MoCA Branding
DROR’s Dome for Montreal Expo
ACME Inspired Love Kolor Fountain Pen
Why Design Matters
Le politique est personnel
Issue 34: Scanning the Archives Prefix Photo
87: Le Vivant / The Living esse Arts + Opinions
Numéro 007 Aride Dînette Magazine
Melissa Plastic Shoes
Story Pod
Great Plains Recreation Facility – Calgary AB
Black Beauty Tonearm
Norco Threshold C105 Cyclocross Bike
Slab 30 and 150 Lighting
Play Mat Bag
Trestle Bowls