Year  2016

Pioneer 111 Custom Bagger Motorcycle
Granite MTB Shoes
WWF Canada We Are All Wildlife
Guinness Packaging
High Heels: The Good and Bad
McDonald’s Happy Moving Day
Expedition Parka
Canada Goose Heritage Jackets
Radio-Canada Typeface
It Came From Canada
Jaguar Canada Ad
Meister Racing Bicycle
Large Stoneware Platter
Aeroplay do-it-yourself Kites
Sweep Dining Table
Garmentory Identity
La Roue du Roy Brochure
Canadian Ski Museum Identity (concept)
Wanderlust Letters – Hand Painted Typeface
28th Street Mirrors
Twice Brand Identity
Pearl & Purple
Frai Milk Packaging (concept)
Ben Weeks Identity
Tunnel Vision
Emerald Credenza
Perry Street Mini Boomerang Sofa
Skin On Frame Ranger Canoe
Argon 18 Smart Bike
Peak Vase
Bullet Bowls
Live Work Table Light
Grin Brush (subscription toothbrush service)
Free 4 The Taking
One, and Two, and More Than Two
Danish Track Team Bike
ALT Table
Colette’s Lost Pet
Plexishape Stool