Year  2016

Alice Glass x Alexander Wang
Yarn Bowl
Flat Nasty ’38 Ford (Hand Lettered by Kelly’s Kustom Pinstriping)
Little Wing Seat Post
Easy Mirror
Monocle Issue 98 Illustrations
Indigenous Music Logo
Umbra Shift Crux Mortar and Pestle
Custom Rocky Mountain Maiden
Quorra Sandals
Lathbridge Sneakers
Triple-Strap Sandals
Sweatshirt Blanket
Corbusier Target 10
Sumo Chair
Maison Syrups
Sweetbark Maple Syrup
Post Punk Art Now Book
Ottawa Cooks
À l’abri des hommes et des choses
Big Kids Comic
Bayview Glen Annual report
Profile Servers
La Denise sable
Easton EC90 SL Bicycle Crank
Just Like Ali McGraw
Platform Bowl
The Future According to Women
Limited Edition Concept Detroit Red Wings Can
Limited Edition Concepts California Miller Lite
White Lodge – Whistler
Opening Ceremony + Canada Goose Jackets
Scott Posno Pink House – Vancouver
The Aldo House – Mississauga, ON
Cast Hanging Lights
Nordik Spa Pictograms