Year  2015

Guru Praemio-R Titanium Road Bike
Wheeled Snow Shovel
Wildwood and Hills & Mountains Quilt Sets
E.Mo.Tion Side B Album Art
Dream House – Vancouver
Disenchanted Portrait
Abrade Font
Cloud Floor Light
21 Series Pendants
C1 Credenza
A Very Short Film
Story Pod
Graphis Identity
7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc.
From Earth to Sky
BMX Supercross Track
Coin Ring
Muskoka Clay Stove
Super Natural Identity
The Dragon Legend ECES Speakers
Caesarstone Planters
Ace Stool
Homegrown Heat
Beech Ball and Zig
Musee Des Beaux-Arts Logo
Sticker Clock
Double Joined Vase
Union Pearson Express
Justin Case Lightweight Kayak
G44 Logo
Eagle Paddles
Pattern Board
Strathcona Concrete Planter
Bullseye Coffee Tables
Farm Chair 2
Double Duplex – Toronto
Bush House
Tourisme Montréal Identity