Year  2014
Closse Residence – Saint-Lambert, QQ
Rapp Crawford Glasses
Ash Stoneware Jug
Umbra Shift Packaging
Amy Turner Landscape Logo
Think Bigger
UxU Festival Poster
Ma Maison Storage
Striped Mugs
Falling Water Tattoo
Inspiring Famous Quotes
2014 Calendar
I’m Unoriginal
Squish Candies Identity
Insulated Coffee Pot Maker
Pedala Identity
Dancing Vase Installations
Mirror of my Soul Ring
‘Balloons’ Series
Pencils (Zero Waste Packaging)
1000 Piece Puzzle
The Colour Field Bench
Floral Men
Pacific Poufs
Thunderbird Chair
Cori Creed Studio Honey
Grizzly Bear
Walking Cane-Raven
MEG Co-op Electric Guitar
Jeux de Tables 24 Tables
“To the Future” Mural
CRKT M.A.K.-1 Knife
Long Table Distillery Packaging
Eau Claire Distillery
66 Gilead Distillery Packaging
St-Laurent Gin