Year  2013

Playland Posters
Girl Guy Mariano Skateboard
Nick Kozak Photographic Works Publication
Schaf Skin Care Packaging
Superkul ‘Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold’ Monograph
Godin Art Guitar
The Paint Box Escritoire
Trunk Studio Toque Wall Rack
Balloon Installation
Tapestry of Owls Blanket
ÔM Storage Mirror
Toque Wall Rack
DeCant Series Vases
Igneous Jug
Polka Dot Bowl Series
Wigrum Typeface
Fruits & Passions Eau de Fruits
Spaghetti et autres pâtes Packaging
Ottawa Animation Festival Posters
Academy Identity
Chango Brand and Identity
L’Atelier Vé Identity
Jian Ghomeshi Book Review 1982
ABC Illustration
Alex Blouin Babylones Album Art
Maïwenn Castellan Cake Candle Holders
Raw Clay Drinking Vessel
Oliviero Toscani Speech
PEN Canada Annual Report
Harmonic Motion / Rete dei draghi
Score + Solder Glass Bowls
Yukon Rose Beaded Cushion
Olej Lantern
Meditations on Red Installation
Minimalist Alberta Flag
Toronto Skyline
James Tuer Whistler
Christian Woo Tables
Autonomy in Subnational Income Taxes Cover
Ernie T-shirt for Ion Magazine