Year  2013

Obesity Poster
Meditations on Red, #2
Artifact Bags (Giant Tiger)
Cultural CunnunDRUM
Groveland House – Vancouver
Kozlik’s Mustard Powder
The Forward Movement
LG Gennix TR1 Bicycle
Better Living Through Windows
Tsunami Chest
‘The Most Boring Thing on Earth’
De Kooning Hallway
Rosenquist Jeopardy Set
LUCKY MAN Stonecut & Stencil
Xyaalang (Dancing)
Grimes Pussy Rings
Cutter Knife
Hunter Patches
Volvo C30
Oval Mirror No. 1
Relief Bowl Set
The Water Guardians
Trouve Bob
Jaw Drop Cooler Co Packaging
The Meeting
Logged On
Urban Ecologies 2013 Poster
“The Universe Wants To Play” Installation
Winnipeg Intl Jazz Festival Posters
Playland Posters
Girl Guy Mariano Skateboard
Nick Kozak Photographic Works Publication
Schaf Skin Care Packaging
Superkul ‘Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold’ Monograph
Godin Art Guitar
The Paint Box Escritoire