Year  2009

Crownfarmer Hat
Soundproof Chair
JoJo Tandem Bicycle
Goldammer Custom 960cc Motorcycle
Arc’teryx Veilance Trench
Wilfred and Robin Cameron Tank
Laughing Stock Vineyards
Carved Porcelain Cream & Sugar
Mandula Jacket
Goldammer Motorcycle
ADCC Directions Collateral
Formline Rhythm Guitar
Greenbrae Suppliments
Skwarim Portable Hard Drive
Fish Hotel
Autumn Showers Crystal Raindrop $20 Coin
Setry Pendant System
Lunar Ox Cameo $15 Coin
Calgary Farmers’ Market Posters
Brussels Sprouts & Unicorns Book
Clamped Table
Moitieikealight Embroidery
Custom Family Portrait of 4
Thank you for your rejection letter
Rejection Letter
Sandu’s Maple Leaf
Yapi Kredi World Lounge – Istanbul
Vancouver Canucks Parking Pass
AfricaBike 3.0 Bicycle
Kitchen Collection Hanging Lamp
Matt and Nat Vertical Brief
7 Hills Fruit Bowl
Old Lady With a Walking Stick
2K Airport Code T-Shirts
Found Objects Chair + Bench 1.2
WWF Climb CN Tower Shirt
Typo Pasta
TDCL Speaker Series Poster
Tree Glasses