Year  2009

Aster Bowls
Linear House – Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
Freezing Water #7 – Vanier Park Vancouver, British Columbia
And Still Counting (No. 22)
DA-65 Arnaud Maggs & Frank Newfeld
Matchbook Book
Passe-moi un sapin Rita v2
Skeptic North
Bienvenue Welcome Placemats
Lois Andison Shoes
Heartbreaking 91
ROADSPOTTER in Edmonton: Geoffrey Lilge
Cascade House – Toronto, Ontario
Durham Region Courthouse – Durham, Ontario
The Staff Room
Engraved CN Rail Spike
Norco CCX Cyclocross Bike
Palm Fibre Packaging
Montréal Art Public & Sid Lee
Scrap Stripe Quilt
Mastercraft Portable Air Compressor
Furni Exploded Clock Poster
Brigade Cupset
“High on Jackson Hill” Album Art
Driving Tea Pot
Modenn Spice Rack
Protected Against Bad Kerning Sunglasses
Visual Advice T-Shirt
Versante Installation – Richmond, British Columbia
Cone Tablelight
Kolde Cough Syrup Packaging
Holepunch Agency Logo
Antler Armchair
Andy Light and Miranda Table
Model of an interior expansion
RIP Leo Obstbaum
What Lies Beneath Table
Down With the Ship Candlestick
Oki Sato Moleskin