Year  2006

The Running Horse Project
Deutsche Bank Lounge
RePly Chair (Make your own)
We’ll Build Them a Golden Bridge (reissue)
Vancouver Community College Clark Station – British Columbia
Antler Coat Racks (Edition 12)
Rubber Dipped Chandelier
Great Lakes Carpet
Kit 24 Prefab House
Start The Presses Poster
Louis Garneau Retro Cycling Jersey
MEC Haida Style Cycling Jersey
Email Illustration
Light Be Bright Type
Looolo Logo
Canada Place Logo
Yukon Film Logo
Alessi Trinava Flower Vase
Villains Poster Series
Pecha Kucha Vancouver Posters 05-08
Designing Canada for 50 Years Poster
Abstract Snow Sculpture – Whitehorse, Yukon
The Prince (baseball mitts and dress form)
Pressed Pattern Pendant Lamps
“We Can” Illustration
Jon Sasaki’s Best Friendship
Toronto Street Map Rings
Toronto Street Map Fan
Momentum Skateboard Bearings
Smile Stool
Final Fantasy “He Poos Clouds” Album Art
The Flaming Gig Poster
Ontario College of Art & Design Logo (Redesign)
Terry O’Reilly “A Surprise In Every Pitch” Poster
Breakfast Series Cereal Boxes
Design Your Self: Rethinking the Way You Live, Love, Work, and Play
Kokanee-Mountain Can Artist Series
Freak Show Figures
“There is no substitute for the zoo” Calgary Zoo Bus Ads