Year  2005

Toro “The Women of Summer Issue” Magazine
Moulinex ZIGZAG Hairdryer
Light Ring – Vancouver, British Columbia
Prairefire Vol.26 No.2
Three Day Road Cover
Group of Seven Inches Poster
What Goes Up Come Down Illustrated Hockey Gloves
Ulu Knife
Ulu Flower Engraved Knife
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Antler Snow Knife
Louis Garneau Pursuit 9.0 Track Bicycle
Polar Bear Cameo Ring
Bent Steel Stool
Iceberg Installation
Projet Mobilivre
Propeller (Pale Fire Freedom Machine)
Ronson Grip Lighter
Carole Epp As Nature Intended
Balloon Caught Installation – Vancouver, British Columbia
Paper Chair
Great Lake Swimmers Album Art
Black Mountain Album Art
Canadian War Museum – Ottawa, Ontario
Blackberry 5810 Mobile
Porcelain Milk Cartons
Lily Vases
Does War = Peace Poster – Edmonton, Alberta
Toronto Unlimited Logo
Pecha Kucha Vancouver Posters 05-08
Coke Spoon #1 Pendant
Porter Meal
Souvenir of Canada Spinning Tops
Coat Hanger
U+ Remix Table
“Erase Hate” Type
Tip of the Iceberg Ring
Punched Felt Hanging Lamp
Love Spoons
Make Offer Book