Year  2004

Rheostatics 2067 Album Art
$20 Northern Lights Hologram Silver Coin
Influence Map
Foxtrot Pinot Noir Wine Label
Safe Band-Aids (Prototype)
Bulletproof Quilted Duvet
Fluid Functions Lille
Melissa Auf Der Maur Logo
Giant Beaver at Beaverlodge, Alberta
“Melissa Auf der Maur” Album Art
Couturevog Paris Shoes
QIM Street Lights – Montréal, Québec
Air Canada “You and I” Ads
Smart Fortwo Buffalo Print Car
Porter Airlines Logo
“The Harper We Don’t Know” TV Ad
Cabin Souvenir T-Shirts (Concept)
Ontario Science Centre Logo
Passport Stamps (Canada and USA)
Keilhauer Logo
Hypergraphia Magazine (First Issue)
Mary Chair
Red Hankie #1 & #2 Screenprints
A Table Made of Wood
Souvenir of Canada 2 Book
The Constantines (re-release) Packaging
Pure Design DJ Stand
Hothouse CD Holder
Funeral Album Art
Alanis Morissette Nude Suit
Roots “Buffalo Plaid” Gift Card
CFJBCDC Coat of Arms
Manitoba Logo
Hema Wine Glass / Bud Vase
Inuit Thimbles
“Drivers for Wildlife” Highway Sign
Maun Windsor Chair
Pelican Plastic Sled
Toronto Subway Font
Hockey Night in Canada Side Table