Year  1986

Rocky Mountain Tantalus Mountain Bike
Gardin Race Bicycle
Syncros PowerLite MTB Fork
Allen Berg F1 Helmet
Syncros Titanium Seat Post
Cyclops Vini Bicycle
Norco Victory Tri Bike
Champignons Vénénux et Nocifs du Canada
Whale Hunt Print / Edition of 100
Science World – Vancouver BC)
Hong Kong Pavilion Expo 86 – Vancouver BC
September Bowl Of Green Album Art
CBC Logo 1986
Trompe l’oeil Tin Can Teapot
Judas Priest Turbo Album Art
Ben Houstie Canada Goose
Prime Minister/Governor General Bombardier Challenger 601 Livery
The Parachute Club Small Victories Album Art
Angelo Di Petta Geometry Dish
Nipissing University Logo
The University of Guelph Poster
Phantom Leopard T-shirt
Tip&Mix Bowls
Badge of the Parliament of Canada
David Edmunds Logo
Chaise Linea
Trough Sofa
Red Circle Sofa
Spirit Catcher – Barrie, Ontario
City Of Vancouver’s 100th birthday
Clipper CS-1 Capsule Office Pod
Gemini Award
Steve Bauer Boreas Bicycle
Old Sun Pottery Vase
Expo 86 CN Rail Graphics
Alex Fraser Bridge – Vancouver, British Columbia
Expo 86 Ernie Chocolatey Peanut Candies
Bill Bennett Expo 86 Pin
BMX motocross Bicycle
Steve Bauer Aura Mountain Bike