Year  1980

Thermos Contour Bottle
Leo Gervais Muskox Figure
Jaleau Creel Fishing Basket
Melmac Bowl No. 10 Plastomer
Marcel Guay Toothpick Holder
Baribocraft Wooden Bowl
Quebec Esso Map Cover
Toy Horse
Arts Canada Magazine ‘To Celebrate Drawing’
Extruded Candle Holders
Avoid Freud Album Art
Bunny Goalie Mask
Cooper improves your game Ad
Supreme Fridge Container
OK Motor Oil Tin
Island Sweet Skunk
Chrysler Transmission Fluid Tin
Dorset 80 Cape Dorset Graphics Annual
Codet Jacket
Ski-doo Tumbler Set
Ontario Crafts Council Logo
Onex Logo
Copps Coliseum Logo
Hi-Fi’s 45 rpm Album Art
The Bureaucrats Album Art
Hockey Pajamas
The Diodes Action Reaction
The Sturgeons 7″ Album Art
In Defence of Canada Cover
Tanya’s Island Poster
Oratoire Saint-Joseph Du Mont-Royal Souvenir Decal
Team Canada Cycling Jersey
Air Canada Seat Holder
Leonard Duran Boxing Fight Ticket
Ball BQ (Version 2)
Diana May Clay Table Vase
The Dils “Made In Canada” 45 Album Art
Cover of Captain Canuck, No. 11
Blue Jays Logo