Year  1980

DIY Phone Line – SK
Cambio Rino 12 speed Road Bike
Lado Solo 1 Guitar
Frozen Fillets
Modern Teak Desk
Karen Kain
Pioneer Sportswear Vest
Blue-Grey Jug
Plate V (Yellow and Red)
Guy Ouvrard Bowl
Treasured Feelings
Helga Madder Charger
Cooper Cowhide Handbag
H. Ashmill Slab Vase
Baribo Maid Roller
Linda Manzer Cutaway Steel String Guitar
Casa Loma Souvenir Penny
Demitasse Cup & Saucer
Bombardier Racing Sled
BC Rhodonite Souvenir
Gardin Loria Bicycle
Hartt Slip Ons
Hammered Brass Candle Holders
Pioneer Sportswear Jacket Shirt
Faux Quill Pattern Dish
Flying Bird Tapestry
La Plonge #9,11 and 12 Serigraphs
Centenary of Arctic Islands Acquisition 17¢ Stamp
OPC Whacky Packs
Bonheur d’occasion Mural
Francophone Yukon Flag
IPL Sugar and Cream Set
Thermos Contour Bottle
Leo Gervais Muskox Figure
Jaleau Creel Fishing Basket
Melmac Bowl No. 10 Plastomer
Marcel Guay Toothpick Holder
Baribocraft Wooden Bowl
Quebec Esso Map Cover