Year  1978

Great Hockey Masks (2 Versions)
Denise Beauchemin Vase
Canada Vignettes: Logger
Ski Doo Blizzard Race Snowmobile
CCM Swinger Bike
Charles Sucsan Charger
Open-Faced Sandwich
Can-Am Flat Track Motorcycle
Ontario Ministry of Labour Logo
Modern FAB Tray Bowl
Quebec Carving Bracelet
Free Form Vase
McKinley Teapot
“The State, C’est Moi [Pierre Trudeau]” Poli Cartoon
Suspended Virtual Volume – Royal Bank Plaza
Nash the Slash ‘Bedside Companion’ Album Art
Canadian Lumber Jac
IPL Bowl Collection
Estriceram Cream and Sugar Set
Ceramic Arts Calgary Dish
Folio Graphics Poster
Tyrol Seal Boots
Suda Fish
The American Invasion of BC Ad
Ottawa 78 International Animated Film Festival Poster
Dog and Priest
Dirthog Vacuum Cleaner
“City Nights” Album Art
Sunlife “Insurance Is” Ads
North Star TV Commercial
Richard’s Cork Leg Poster
Suda Pottery Owl
Theo Dimson Marci Lipman Gallery
Race Office System Introduction
Starburst Album Art
What Do You Want Me to Do? 7″ Album Art
C’est de Premiere Classe
Barren Ground Caribou Fabric Installation
WIGWAG Package