Year  1974

Le Club de la Publicité de Québec Logo
Artistes Du Quebec
Arts of the Eskimo Book Design
Baribocraft Ice Bucket
Pierre Trudeau Poster
Jan & Helga Grove Stoneware Bowl
Tennis Player
Laurentian Pottery Vase
Orange Drip Pot
Blondo Quatchi Winter Boots
Meadowcroft Cannister
Ross Hansen Pine Cone Vase
Alta Glass Yellow Bowls
Beauceware #C 309 Skimo Vase
S. Marcil Carved Bowl
Charles Sucsan Abstract Vase
’74-’75 Stanley Cup Champion Card
Universal Postal Union 8¢ Stamp
California Roll Sushi
Ginger Beef
The RAPE Observ’d Book
In Friendly Quebec Ad
Covered Butter Dish
1974 Souvenir Collection of the Postage Stamps of Canada
CBC Logo & Identity
Can-Am Minibike
Central Library Mural – Calgary, Alberta
Centenary of the Letter Carrier Delivery Service 8¢ Set
Fish Chair
Beauceware Skimo Mugs
Canuck Pottery Teapot
Agricultural Education Enseignement Agricole 8¢
EON E-II Motor Oil Tin
CCC Cream & Sugar Set
Chalvignac Dish
Chilliwack Riding High Album Art
Laurentian Carafe
Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks Package
Sial Charger