Year  1971

OECA Identity
Shag Rug Rake Head
Songs of Love and Hate Album Art
Rumours of War Cover
The Winnipeg Art Gallery – Manitoba
Ontario Place Ad
Lady Bug Chair
Beauceware Vase #226
We’re Different. Ad
The Legmaker Ad
Canadian Tire Catalgue Spring and Summer
Sial Cinched Mug
Canadian Tire Fall & Winter Catalogue
Creative Photographers Logo
21 Second Jacket
Go One Better Go Ski-doo Print Ad
Saskatchewan 1971 License Plate
Metric Handbook
Jean Cartier Vase
Beauceware Cartier C13 Dish
International Harvester Farm Shop Ideas Catalogue
The Maple Leaf Forever Book Cover
British Columbia Confederation 1871 7¢
Recensement 1871–1971 Census 6¢
Radio Canada International 15¢
Shake n’ Bake Packaging
Girl Guide Cookie Box
Pat’s WHL Logo
Christmas / Noël 6¢ 10¢ 15¢
Labatt’s 50 Beer Label
K700 Stools (Tall and Short)
Beauceware Clay Cooker #C-50A (Tribal Pattern)
Beauceware Clay Cooker #C-50F (Maple Leaves Pattern)