Year  1971

Enamel Modernist Brooch
Bounce Bike
Natur Trademark
Moving Camp
Key-Frame Animation
NRC Mouse Prototype
Meet the Nineteen Seventy-Ones
Stretch Blue on Yellow
Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Park Brochure
She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina Album Art
Dionysos Le Grand Jeu Album Art
Tom Forrestall Shapes of the Paintings Exhibit Catalogue
York University Faculty of Environmental Studies Poster
T. Eaton Co. Catalogue Ed. Française Vente d’été, 1971
Neill Wycik Residence Sunrise Mural – Toronto, ON
Out To See. CDN Tourism Ad
Canadian Construction Magazine Fall 1971
‘Samuel Hearne’ First Issue Envelope
Jules Perrier Modernist Pendant
Chatelaine ‘Nice Girls Don’t Get Raped’ Feature
Moe Koffman Plays Bach Album Art
Dominic Stanzione Handled Vase
Helga Mader Striped Vase
Baribocraft Oval Carving Board
J. Poulin Enamel Dishs
Festival Canada ’71 Poster
EATON’S Fashion Guide
BMP Flame Candle Holders
V.O. is the vogue.
Sears Canada
Tom Forrestall Shapes of the Paintings Exhibit Catalogue
Manitoba Saskatchewan Map
Interpretive Program Fundy National Park
Sunrise Toronto
Sam The Record Man Sign – Toronto, Ontario
Tiki Ashtray Set
The Maple in Four Seasons 6¢
Trudeau In Power Cover
Sajo and the Beaver People Cover