Year  1970

Beauceware CB 568 Bud Vase
Daignault Rolland hockey Goalie Mask HB8
Daust Pro Hockey Skates
Robert Larin Brutalist Bracelet
Lovell Racing Bicycle
Cyril G Burch Accent Chair
Moon Crater Candle Holder
Louise G. Marion Eskimo Enamel Plate
1970 Snow-Jet GT3 Snowmobile
Charles Sucsan Ceramic Sculpture
H. H. Langley Handmade Vase
Charles Sucsan Ceramic Lamps
Pierrette Leclaire Enamel Dish
de Passille-Sylvestre Logo
Subarctic Quilled & Beaded Moccasins
Beauce Clay Cooker
For a Devil of a Run Quebec Ad
Studio Pottery Bud Vase
Mid Century Home – Vancouver, British Columbia
Polka Dot Door Logo
Stoneware Bud Vase
Nancy Garapick Olympic Swimsuit
Grand Prix Soda Cans
Canada Dry Purple Passion
Laurentian Fat Lava Vase
Swivel Pod Chair
TVOntario Logo
BMP Coffee Pot w/ Mustard & Ketchup Glaze
Chimo The Polar Bear – Cochrane, Ontario
Squat Tapered Lamp
Zoomorphic Pottery Lamp
Beauceware Tree Branch Lamp
Carved Beaver Wood Scoop
Postal Strike Stamp
Glenbow Museum Façade – Calgary, Alberta
Red Clay Jar White Enamel Relief
Gillette Packaging
Bright & Bold Paint Can Label