Year  1964

Understanding Media
Smith House – Vancouver, British Columbia
Floral Emblem 5¢ Series
Air Canada Quand Un Mari Voyage Ad
Stampede Advertising Flyer
CCC Coffee Pot
DA Tableware
Big Nickel – Sudbury, Ontario
CN “Hate the thought of that long drive?” Brochure
Dining Chair Walnut Finish
Ceramic Arts Ashtray
Canada Souvenir Plate
Moto-Master Road Tar Remover
Cooper & Beatty Logo
Canada Dry “Success story in 4 words” Print Ad
DA Drahanchuk Ashtrays
Verlage Club 50 Guitar Amp Print Ad
“For heaven’s sake, ski Québec” Print Ad
Cinci Lager Beer Tin
Ontario History Pamphlet
Calgary Beer Bottle
West Baffin Postcard
Wallacetown Fair Pamphlets
The Lord Elgin Hotel Luggage Tag
O Canada Book Cover
Player’s Filter Cigarettes
Maclean’s Magazine Cover
Hinterland Who’s Who TV Spots
The Image of Confederation Cover
Beauceware Teapot #G-100 & Warmer #G-105
Bob Masse Classic Band Posters
CCC Dish (Aurora Borealis Glaze)