Year  1964

Pizza Pop
Les Jaguars “Mer Morte” Album Art
Striper Dish
Halpern NY Greeting Card
Central Tech Visual Arts Annex – Toronto ON
Imperial Oil Ontario Regional Headquarters
Montréal ’64, ’65, ’66 and ’67 Magazine
Ottawa Map Cover
Maurice Chalvignac Tall Vase
PoetiQue Tourisme Quebec Ad
Deichmann Animal
Harlander Bowl
Original Tim Hortons Logo
Canadian Pacific City Mini-Guides
Air Canada Swing Club Magazine
Cat’s Paw Ad
Lisbon Poster
Chrysler Brochure
Saskatoon CN Station – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Court Noxon Metalsmiths Steel Coffee Table
D&R G375 Hockey Gloves
Air Canada Uniform
The Canadian Architect Yearbook
The Canadian Architect – October
The Canadian Architect – December
The Canadian Architect – September
The Canadian Architect – August
Librium Ad
Canadian Pacific All Services Map
Manitoba Travel Vacation Ads
White Cap Ale
Pearson Pennant Flag
Checker Pattern Enamel Plate
Striped Enamel Plate
Maple Leaf Tartan
Moffat Model EHIL Space Heater
National Parks Accommodations Guide Cover
Ceramic Arts Goose Dish
The Extensions of Man Cover