Year  1960

Ski-doo Saddlebag
Players Navy Cut Filter
Beauceware #313 Vase
Canadian Tire Fall and Winter Catalogue
Superoyl Motor Oil Tin
Junior Quaker Program
Topps Mulgado Trading Card
Lorenzen Fish Dish
Lines – Vertical
Ritz Carlton Hotel Luggage Decal
GMC Tailored Brochure
Karsh & Fisher See Canada Book
Wine Cocktail Label
Guaranteed Pure Turpentine Tin
C.C.M. Flyte Skate Box
York Canned Meat Ad
Ford of Canada Mechanic’s Handbook
Maple Leaf Nippy Cheese Instore Ad
Whistler (Artist’s Rendering)
Ann-Margret for Canada Dry
BC Ceramics Incised Vases
Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
Endless Possiblities Print Ad
Op Art Textile 2
Op Art Textile
BC 1960 License Plate
Inuit Basket with Walrus
“Wonderful World at Your Doorstep” Print Ad
Flag of British Columbia
Provincial Park Sign
Seetusee Glassware
RCMP Souvenir
Erin Mills
Puppy Coin Bank
The Enchanted Owl
French/English Market Sign
Inco Mining Company Logo
Rainbow Plastics Stylized Dinnerware
Crokinole Board
Maligne Lake Souvenir Patch