Year  1960

Make Your Dreams Come True Brochure
Fly TCA Poster
Taste Tells
Lotte Chevron Lamp
Maclean’s Cover, Dec. 6th, 1960
Quebec Division of Massey Ferguson Logo
P.E. Caron Lamp
Beauceware C-J7 Two-Tone Coffee Pot
Kelowna Souvenir Postcard
Deak International Building – Toronto ON
Medalta Stacking Dishes
Imperial Lounge Chair
Don Mills Curling Rink – ON
Imperial Medium Desk
St John the Baptist Mosaic
Toronto Canada Postcard
Stag Horn Salt and Pepper Shakers
Labatt’s IPA India Pale Ale Ad
Deichmann Creature Dish
A Canadian Nation Book
Robert Larin Brutalist Ring
Abstract Pottery Vase
Joey Smallwood Political Poster
Middelton Teak Flying Canada Goose
O’Keefe Ale Tin
Harlander Jug Vase
Robert Larin Silver Letter Opener
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
The Letter ‘A’ Ad
King Edward Sheraton Poster
Canadiana ’60 Magazine
Jean Drapeau Election Poster
Northern Electric Dial Phone
Beaver Brand Clams
Geigy Identity
Polar Brand Anti-freeze
Nipigon Chairs
Les Portes
Meadow Textile
Bright’s Vermouth Label