Year  1955

Circus Banner
Solo Safety-Tip Bob Pins
Bulldog Steel Wool Packaging
Observation Tower – Toronto ON
Observation Tower – Toronto ON
Fantasy Copperware of Canada Ruffled Candlesticks
Bungalow Camps in Ontario
Seaway Towers Motor Hotel
Céramique de Beauce Flowerpot
Maple Leaf Seal Boots
Royal Haeger R1752 Vase
Composition (femme assise)
Maclean’s Sept 17 1955 Cover
Moose Lamp
Berthier Beaver Carving
Pinnacle Salmon Label
Manitoba Travel Decal
McCulloch à Prix Modique Ad
Jasper Park Souvenir Decal
Family and Rainstorm
Sgraffito Ewer
Decorative Dish
Nita Desbarres Mug
Mo. 2056 Galaxy Teapot
Lorenzen Decanter Set
Aluminum From Canada Ad
Meadow Life Textile
Leaf Vase Style No. C-5
Transmission Fluid Tin
Beauceware #485 Flower Vase
Trans Canada Viscount Airline Luggage Label
King Utility Trailers Catalogue
Introducing the New Courier Brochure
Lorenzen Tile Earrings
Trans Canada – Air Canada Luggage Label
Hoop Chair
Chippawa Ice Cream Packaging
Cone Vase
Jackstraw Linoleum