Client  Canadian Pacific

Seeing Canada
Château Champlain Hotel – Montreal QC
Canada’s Festive Trains
Indian Days Poster
Fly Canadian Pacific Australia Guide
Canadian Pacific City Mini-Guides
Australia New Zealand Poster
61 Day Cruise Ad
Lisbon Poster
Canadian Pacific Airlines Poster
Hunt Big Game Poster
Canadian Pacific Air International Ad
Orient Brochure
Canada’s Picturesque East Coast Poster
Homeward Bound Poster
Ready Made Farms Poster
Canadian Pacific Steamship Poster
Empress of Britain Poster
Empresses of the Pacific Magazine
The White Empress to Europe Poster
Chateau Lake Louise Luggage Tag
Chateau Frontenac Luggage Decal
Royal York Hotel Luggage Tag
Visit Canada Poster
CP Think Safety Decal
Canada by Canadian Pacific Print Ad
Chateau Lake Louise Luggage Tag
Banff Springs Hotel Luggage Tag
“Canadian Pacific Knew…” Print ad
“Banff Springs Hotel Welcomes You Again” Ad
Canadian Pacific Mont Cruises Poster
Canadian Pacific Taku Glacier Poster
Canadian Pacific Lovely Lake Louise Poster
Canadian Pacific 39% Less Poster
Ski Canada Poster
Winter Wonderland Print Ad
Québec for Winter Sports Poster
CP Corporate Colour Ways
Canadian Pacific Lounge Ashtray
South Pacific Postcard