Summer Fashion Guide 2014

The statement “less is more” could not be more valid when it comes to summer fashion in Canada this year. Excited to liberate and let our bodies breathe, we are seeing a lot of traditional, easy-to-wear silhouettes, clean lines and friendly fabrics this season. With our minds on patios, parks and the oh-so-many pleasantries of summer, getting dressed is about accentuating your style, not working to create it – who has the time, it’s too nice out! These naturally stylish, casual pieces will take you anywhere your fling with summer goes.

Women’s Shopping List: Ring by Arc Jewelry, Exstel Matte sunglasses by Bohten, bathing suit by Mimi Hammer, botanical print shoes by Native, California dress by Eve Gravel, Viaje clutch by Scout & Catalogue, High Park Fringe Kimono by Norwegian Wood, Brass and Lace bracelet and Chevron Lace earrings by This Ilk, and lingerie by With Love Lingerie.

Men’s Shopping List: Belt by 18 Waits, underwear by Bangers and Mash, floral swimming trunks by Bather, floral tee  by Kollar Clothing, Ryder sunglasses from Botany Co. Eyewear, raw denim jeans from Outclass, backpack by Sully Wong, recycled skateboard watch by Second Shot, orange laces from Stolen Riches, and low top sneakers by Wings + Horns.


Eve Gravel California Dress
Bohten Exstel Matte Sunglasses
Scout & Catalogue Viaje Clutch
Norwegian Wood High Park Fringe Kimono
Mimi Hammer Summer Bathing Suits
Native Verona Botanical Print Shoes
Kollar Clothing Kveti Floral Tee
Bather Yellow Floral Surf Trunk
This Ilk Chevron Lace Earings
With Love Lingerie Willow Soft Cup Bra Blue & Stretch Tulle
Second Shot Skate Watch
This Ilk Vintage Brass and Lace Braclette
Outclass Tan Raw Denim Jeans
Bangers and Mash Briefs
Wing + Horns Low Top Sneaker
Botany Co. Eyewear Ryder Sunglasses
Stolen Riches Tiqui Orange Laces with Silver Tips
Arc Jewelry ECG Knuckle Ring
Sully Wong 2104 Bag and Backpack Collection
18 Waits OS Waits Belt