2017 Black History Stamp
Canadian Colour Palette Postage Collection Proposal
Constitution 30 Cent Stamp
Logo and cancellation designed to commemorate U.S Bicentennial 1976 by
Birds of Canada Stamps
United Nations 25th Anniversary Stamp
CDN Woman Architects Stamps
‘Samuel Hearne’ First Issue Envelope
Canada Post ‘Postal Code’ Cartoons
Women’s Suffrage Postage Stamp
International Woman’s Year 8¢ Stamp
World Communications Year 32¢ Stamp
Centenary of Arctic Islands Acquisition 17¢ Stamp
Christmas/Noël 6¢ 8¢ 10¢ 15¢ Stamps
The National Film Board 75th Anniversary Stamps
Timbres poste Concept
Year of the Pig Stamps
Duane Dalton Basic Stamps
Canadian Photography: Booklet of 10 Domestic Stamps
World Council of Churches 32¢ Stamp
Universiade ’83 Edmonton 32¢ and 64¢ Stamps
Canada Post Navistar eStar
Zodiac Series Stamps
Visit the Laurentians Stamp
Year of the horse Stamp
Universal Postal Union 8¢ Stamp
Subplot Xmas Card and Stamp Promotion
Canada Day, Forts across Canada Stamps
Joe Fafard Postage
Motorcycle Stamp Set
Made in Winnipeg Stamps
Missing Moose Misprint Stamp
5¢ St. Lawrence Seaway Stamp (Inverted misprint)
Scouting – 75th Anniversary Poster
50¢ Superman Then and Now Coin & Stamp Set (75th Anniversary)
Calgary Stampede Stamp and Envelope
Calgary Stampede Stamps
Dale Nigel Goble Canada Postage/Postes Series
QEII Diamond Jubilee Sheetlet