Cartier Bike Rack
Québec à vélo Bike Rack
Vous êtes ici Mural (Sudbury, ON)
Alberta Foothills Morning
Canada Goose Cold Room
Canada Mural
Pine St Post Office – Vancouver
The Canadian Bond
Canada Flag Stained Glass Window
Eglinton Subway Integrated Art
74 chairs, fixation system
Dendrites – Bonaventure Project Montréal
City Benches
Odd gallery – Dawson City
Le Banc (seating) Vancouver Olympic Station
Mural at Longspell Point Farm in Nova Scotia
Tunnel Vision
Story Pod
Poytechnique Memorial – Montreal
Giniigaaniimenaaning (Looking Ahead) Glass Window
The Milky Way
Tsa tsa ke k’e (Iron Foot Place) Mosaic – Edmonton AB