Umbra Shift Crux Mortar and Pestle
Supernatural Bowls
Sweatshirt Blanket
Halfmoon Eye Pillow
Kozlik’s Mustard
Maison Syrups
Sweetbark Maple Syrup
Strathcona Concrete Planter
Marble Platter
Profile Servers
Bore’ale Packaging
Open-Faced Sandwich
Beauceware C-J7 Two-Tone Coffee Pot
La Denise sable
Platform Bowl
Limited Edition Concept Detroit Red Wings Can
Limited Edition Concepts California Miller Lite
Wayne Ngan Tea Bowl
Well Told Health
Geometric Vase
Oh Miel! Honey Packaging and Branding
Modular and Flat Pack Vase
Four Fox Saké (1st w/ Embedded LED lighting)
Logo and Packaging for Unibroue
Half Moons Table Cloth
Carved Bookends
Umbra Shift Truss Bottle Opener
Wayne Ngan Pottery Vase
Watkins Company of Canada Packaging
Balance Box | Umbra Shift
Northwest Coast Pottery Vase
Michel Soucy Vase
Pillowcase / Laundry bag “CUSHY CUDDLE”
Catch my Drip Umbrella Stand
Chalvignac Table Lamps
3D Printed ABS Waste Paper Basket
Modernist Monumental Vase
Baribocraft Salt and Pepper Set
Cold Snap Pear
A Canadian Bestiary