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Wayne Gretzky Lunchbox
Jonny Hetherington Essentials Hot Sauce
Doctor’s Orders Gin
Carroll & Co. Identity
Beaus + Polaris Music Prize Beer
Pig on Fire Packaging
Apples Wooden Crate
Ogopogo Apples Label
Pelletier 1976 Revel Cider
Jaw Drop Cooler Co Packaging
L’Espace Public Identity and Packaging
Harvey & Vern’s Soda
Shearer and Dahl Medicinal Edibles
Squish Candies Identity
Nutrilait Packaging
CIRKA Distilleries Vodka and Gin
Insulated Coffee Pot Maker
Henri Sodas
Holiday Chocolate Bars
Cori Creed Studio Honey
Linen Kitchen Towels
Two Bread Boards
LoLo Lids Stealth Beer Cozy
Long Table Distillery Packaging
Odd Society Packaging
Eau Claire Distillery
66 Gilead Distillery Packaging
St-Laurent Gin
Stock & Barrel Single Malt Whiskey
Salt and Pepper Shakers #1
The Tragically Hip White “Ahead By A Century” Wine
Stussy Pure Canadian Maple Syrup
Quebec City Food Tours Identity
Swansea Homebrew Club Packaging
The Empiric Gin Packaging
God’s Vagina 2.0
Muskoka Brewery Winter Weiss Packaging