Food & Drink

Guinness Packaging
Utensil Crate
Sucabaruca Memphis Pop Coffee Service
Pottery Ceramic Coffee by Robin Hopper
Hycroft Calico Dinner Plates
Beer Cans for Canada’s Provinces & Territories
Kraft Dinner Packaging
Chefmaster Butter
The Elements Series Wine Packaging
ILA – Karen Mordechai’s Cooking Ingredients
Animalitos CBD Dog Cookies
CrickstartAlex Lynn at
Crystal Head AURORA Vodka (holographic bottle)
Halo Brewery Packaging
Leonardo Support à Couteaux
Pizza Pop
Broken Coast Canabis
Trophy Brass & Gunmetal Jigger
Kozlik’s Mustard Powder
Hard Landings
Anderson Craft Ales
Birra Fresca Cucumber Mint IPA Beer
Homegrown Heat
Crown Royal Cornerstone Blend
Justin Trudeau Cookie Cutters
Token Bitters
Kozlik’s Mustard
Maison Syrups
Sweetbark Maple Syrup
Bore’ale Packaging
Open-Faced Sandwich
Limited Edition Concept Detroit Red Wings Can
Limited Edition Concepts California Miller Lite
Well Told Health
Oh Miel! Honey Packaging and Branding
Four Fox Saké (1st w/ Embedded LED lighting)
Logo and Packaging for Unibroue
Watkins Company of Canada Packaging
Baribocraft Salt and Pepper Set