Ceramics & Glass

Ceramic Carafe and Goblets
Multicolored Fruit Bowl
Pedestal Pottery Dish
Footed Fruit Bowl
Tri-Colour Pottery Vase
Canada Flag Stained Glass Window
Branch Vase
Studio Pottery Mushrooms
Ceramique De Beauce 117 Vase
Danese Stak Table Set
5 Vases
Beauceware Square Candlesticks
Biscuit Water Jar
Denise Beauchemin Vase
Lorenzen Salt & Pepper Shakers
William Mornay Striped Vase
Pottery Vase
L&M Designs ‘Canada North’ Dish
Water Bulb
Sucabaruca Memphis Pop Coffee Service
Herb Pot
Pottery Ceramic Coffee by Robin Hopper
Laurentian (Rimouski) Brutalist Mid Century Modern Coffee Mugs
Hycroft Calico Dinner Plates
Stoneware Pitcher + Glasses Set
Lotte Ceramic Mug
Strawberry Hill Pottery Owl
Borrowman Vase
Grove Pottery Carved Vase
Flur Vases
Candle Holders
Compote Dish
The Heirloom Stack collection
Multiple Stoneware Vases
Roseline Delisle Vase
Carl&Rose Striped Planter
Double Bud Vase
Large Stoneware Platter
Marked Plate/Charger